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The Start of the Gore Tide – Khorne Bloodbound Incoming!

Khorne BloodboundA bit of a change in comparison to what I normally do – I’m painting up some Khorne Bloodbound miniatures for Age of Sigmar!  I’ve wanted to get a “fantasy” force up for years and never really managed to do it due to one reason or another, so after speaking to a few friends who all have armies that could be used in Age of Sigmar, I decided to take the plunge and follow the path of the blood god in the form of Khorne Bloodbound.

Firstly I’ve set myself some parameters.  It’s an army designed to play Age of Sigmar – it’s not going to be entered into Golden Demon, it’s a side project to add some variety to what I normally paint.  I’m not going to spend a fortune on it; my initial budget is £100, once that has been spent and everything painted I may do an expansion force.  I will aim for a head count of thirty miniatures initially, this comes from the way Throne of Skulls tournaments are run and seems like a good basis to aim for.

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Warhammer Quest Silver Tower, Warhammer Fest and Brushes

I’ve had a couple weeks that have been very hobby light so not WIP photos to post, thankfully Games Workshop have got some amazing things coming up!

warhammer quest silver towerWarhammer Quest – Silver Tower

I’m going to start off with yet another blinder on the Games Workshop rumour mill (and confirmed today with Facebook posts) and that’s an Age of Sigmar version of Warhammer Quest Silver Tower being released on the 21st/22nd.  This game will follow a similar format to the classic Warhammer Quest game (released in 1994!) but the box will contain 6 heroes to choose from and a variety of mostly Tzeentch enemies.

People (myself included) have been waiting for a new version of Warhammer Quest for many years and things like the Rodeo tablet/phone app’s have only partly sated this desire.  At a guess the price point will be the same as Overwatch as it contains roughly the same amount of miniatures.

One very cool item is that GW are releasing a Warhammer Quest Silver Tower Hero Companion app that contains Hero “cards” for pretty much every miniature within the Age of Sigmar world!

What is interesting is that it appears that GW stores are going to have a release party for this in the same way as they did for the Space Marine Anniversary with some limited edition hero cards.  I’m quite interested to see if any of this is available at Warhammer Fest – which leads me neatly onto: Continue reading