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Product Review: P3 Wet Palette

20131202-131623.jpg In recent years, miniature painters have become to be more and more “sophisticated” with their painting tools and quite a few people have moved over to a wet palette as their palette of choice for painting.

I’m pretty positive that the vast majority of people reading this will know what a wet palette is and how it works, so please forgive me for going over old ground. For those of you who have never encountered one, a wet palette is quite simply a device that holds a reservoir of water underneath a special paper layer where you put your paints on.  This has the effect of keeping your paints cool and moist, which extends the time before they dry out.  As you can imagine this has a huge benefit when painting something that requires a lot of blending or the paint to be kept at a specific viscosity for the duration of a painting session.  Another side benefit is that if the container has an air tight lid, you can close the palette up and come back to it in a couple of days time and (depending upon paint separation) can just get straight back painting.

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