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Office, tanks and Flickr

Well a few months have passed since my last post and for a change only a portion of them have been idle.  After the New year I decided that my office/painting & modelling area was well overdue a tidy as the abundance of crap on my desk meant I couldn’t paint or model there even if I had been able to get through the deluge of further crap on the floor.  So three weeks ago I set out and have sorted out the whole office into a usable state.  I once more have a floor with visible carpet, a desk with my computer set up and a desk with a clear area for painting & modelling.  I’ve got some extra “bitz” storage on the desk and have tidied underneath the desk so that I can actually get my legs under it.  The cupboard has had a rudimentary sort out and on Sunday I got a load of surplus miniatures up on eBay so that I can free up space and make a bit of cash as well.  One thing that I’m very concious of is keeping the painting & modelling desk tidy enough to use throughout the year.  To this effect I’m forcing myself to only work on two project’s at a time – one painting and one modelling.  Modelling projects inherently cause more mess so it’s likely I’ll only be actively working on one thing.

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