Slow and Steady

I think the subject line says it all.  The Stormlord is progressing slowly and so far I’ve only had two small problems.  The first is that the little bit of hull colour I had left has separated and dried out a little.  This means that even if I shook it up, it would be a different colour to when it was originally mixed (the top split layer dried and not the bottom).  The second problem is that I clearly had some grease or similar on the hull, so when I removed the masking around one of the aquila the result was me pulling paint off back to bare plastic.  Needless to say I was royally pissed off.  However due to the thin layers you can achieve with an airbrush, I have managed to airbrush black over the damaged area and achieve smooth result with no visible “edge”.  I need to mix up some more hull colour and touch this up, however I will likely wait until I’ve finished all the details.

On the subject of details, I’m currently painting all of the gun casings Dwarf Bronze by hand.  I’m doing this for two reason – firstly trying to spray this thick paint through an airbrush proved to be nightmarish and secondly some bits would just be horrible to mask for doing this.  I have then got to paint the silver metals of the guns and any other details I fancy, finally it’s back to the airbrush to do the last 3 aquila’s with black and then gold and then touch up all of the hull colour and then I’m ready for weathering!  It’s still my intention to try and get this done by the end of the month, but being realistic I will probably roll into the first weekend of March.

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Bored Masking…

The last week has seen a surprising amount of progress on the Stormlord.  Most of the hull has had it’s hull colour airbrushed on and I’ve spent two whole evenings sticking on tiny pieces of masking tape so that I can touch up some areas that need to be black (ready for metallics) and the strips on the hull that need to be done red.  I find that masking off is one of the most infuriating tasks when doing any airbrushing.  Do it poorly and you’ll completely mess up your model, it takes ages to get it “just right” and ultimately you’ll just rip the tape off again!  However without it you’d never achieve the crisp neat edges that people associate with a good paint job.

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First Paint!

Since last Monday/Tuesday I’ve had a bit of a cold lurking, which on the one hand isn’t a surprise because there’s been a lot of germs flying around but also is because I rarely come down with anything.  However as is the case when I’m ill – it floored me Friday through to Sunday.  Monday I actually felt a little better but had to spend a chunk of time sorting out some eBay bits that I’d manage to sell over the weekend, but yesterday despite having a mountain of other stuff to do, I finally got some paint on!

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