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Furred Cloak

Well this weekend I made a really good amount of progress.  The Kheres Assault Cannon has been glued together and with the exception of a little filling and gluing the gun onto the shoulder, is now finished.  The claw arm now has an appropriate genestealer head and I’m trying to bid on a Space Hulk miniature on eBay so that I can use the genestealer spine that that piece has.  I need to get round to gluing all of those items together and then drilling holes and pins into the torso and shoulders as I intend to paint the arms separately to the main body.  In fact I intend to have a total of six sub-assemblies to paint – Base; Body; Left Arm; Right Arm; Head; Cloak.  Once the body and the back of the cloak has been painted, I’ll glue them together, sculpt the last bit of fur onto the cloak clasps and then paint the fur of the cloak.

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