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Happy New 2016!

Well the festive season came and went in a blur.  Sadly a combination of having to work between Christmas and New Year and various family commitments has meant two “missed” blog Sundays and a reduction in general painting time, but such things happen.  In an effort to rectify this I will be doing a mid-week post on my 52 Week Challenge 🙂

Before Christmas I decided to have a small detour from my Imperial Knights and grabbed the Terminators from my box of Space Hulk.  As much as I enjoy painting red (and green) I don’t often paint it with my current choice of armies and miniatures.  I’ve also been watching the Painting Buddha Ultramarine videos recently (I’m a PB backer and Patreon so get the HD videos) and this has inspired me to try and paint using blends and pushing the shadows more than I have done on my Space Wolves army.

Flesh Tearer Montage 1

I’m very happy with the result and I feel it’s improved my use of my wet palette and getting colours right.  The picture doesn’t quite show the depth of colour I’ve managed to achieve so far, the second miniature is actually better!  I shall now veer off at a tangent on the subject of techniques…

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New Resolution

I know January isn’t for another 3 weeks, but I’ve been exceptionally rubbish at putting new things onto this blog, despite having done quite a bit of modelling and painting, and there being various “big news” releases over the past 6 months.  So I’m resolving to identify that and try and get something up new every week or more often.  I now have a reminder in my phone to fire off every Sunday afternoon, so with luck there will be more posts up here, even if they’re a short article on something that has been released or some rumour.

Now rather than simply stopping with a very strong between the lines of “woe is me”, I thought I’d give you a summary of things since my last post with hints at a few posts that I hope to write in the future.

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Another long gap

StormfangI can’t believe it was March when I last wrote a post.  You may recall that I was starting a new job and may also have guessed that this has been in some way related to the lack of posts – you’d be correct in that guess 🙂 I’m leaving home before 7am and not getting back until after 6.30pm, currently I’m working around 45 hours a week and in truth when I get home the last thing I want to be touching is a computer!  Unlike previous hiatuses however this lack of computer enthusiasm hasn’t rolled into the amount of time I’m spending painting and if anything I’m doing more as a way to unwind from the day.

Quite a few things have occurred between March and now, the most significant being that Games Workshop have released a new Space Wolves Codex and a handful of new releases including a fantastic flyer (technically two variants) and a less-fantastic (IMO) hover-chariot for Logan Grimnar.  The new codex is really nice and lots of options for making a very flavoursome Space Wolf army.

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Wolfy Goodness

Well the eight Space Wolves I’ve been painting are progressing nicely despite not having much time over the past week, in fact last night was the first time I picked up a brush since Sunday.  As I was airbrushing on Friday I had this horrible feeling that I would get different results from Space Wolves Grey in comparison to the new Fenrisian Grey, so on Saturday I went into town and treated myself to three of the new Citadel paints including Fenrisian Grey and I was right in my feeling, Fenrisian Grey is more grey than Space Wolves Grey.  I also picked up Khorne Red (similar to Red Core but with less blue in it) and Mephiston Red (a true red but not as bright as blood red).

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New Citadel Paints

This weekend I spent quite a bit of time painting up the Chaos Lord miniature from the Dark Vengeance 40k boxed set.  This miniature is the first for quite a while that has actually “inspired” me to do some proper painting using a brush rather than an airbrush and fancy pigments.

For those modellers who have been living in a cave for the past six months, in March this year, Games Workshop withdrew their whole range of paints and replaced it with a range that consists of 145 completely different colours using a different formula paint.  A lot of people slated Games Workshop for daring to remove colours such as Skull White and Bleached Bone.

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New Drybrush Paint & Base Progress

As forecast, this weekend saw a decent amount of progress on my miniature.  As you may be able to see from my Flickr Pool, the base has had quite a bit of work done on it and I’ve finally pulled my finger out and got some more of the cloak done (though there is 60% left to do!).

I discovered to my horror that I’d almost run out of Chaos Black.  Now this is almost a cardinal sin (I’m sure there must be some pots lurking somewhere) so when I nipped into town for a hair cut, I purchased a new pot of Abadon Black – a base paint so it’s quite thick but thins down remarkably well.  I do fancy that this is more black than the old Chaos Black.

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