Furry Cloaks…

Well as predicted my Contemptor Dreadnought arrived in the post and what a lovely miniature it is.  A few odd bits that have needed filling, but my usual 50/50 mix of Green Stuff and Superfine Milliput sorted those out.  The miniature comes as individual components, allowing each item to be angled just as you want it – sadly this means you end up trying to manipulate 8+ pieces with blu-tack holding them together, often resulting in a spectacular show of “spaz hands” and bits going everywhere.

Couple of tips I would say on working out the positioning of this, which is critical to end result looking realistic (it’s a humanoid shaped robot after all).  Firstly, create the basic base first so you know where you want it, unless you’re going for a completely flat base (how boring).  Secondly, mock everything up with blu-tack before you even think about gluing anything.  Also tidy everything up and wash with warm soapy water before you glue.  Finally, use super glue for the knee joints but an epoxy glue for the rest.  I think it goes without saying that you should also wash the miniature again before you prime it.

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