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Another long gap

StormfangI can’t believe it was March when I last wrote a post.  You may recall that I was starting a new job and may also have guessed that this has been in some way related to the lack of posts – you’d be correct in that guess 🙂 I’m leaving home before 7am and not getting back until after 6.30pm, currently I’m working around 45 hours a week and in truth when I get home the last thing I want to be touching is a computer!  Unlike previous hiatuses however this lack of computer enthusiasm hasn’t rolled into the amount of time I’m spending painting and if anything I’m doing more as a way to unwind from the day.

Quite a few things have occurred between March and now, the most significant being that Games Workshop have released a new Space Wolves Codex and a handful of new releases including a fantastic flyer (technically two variants) and a less-fantastic (IMO) hover-chariot for Logan Grimnar.  The new codex is really nice and lots of options for making a very flavoursome Space Wolf army.

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