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Great fun with the Rivets

Unit - Ally RiflemanLast weekend I finally found a bit of time to play a game of Rivet Wars.  After what seemed like an age of badgering I persuaded my other half that she wanted to have a game and she reluctantly agreed.  This sounds really bad, but if I say that she prefers playing co-op style games rather than more traditional “play to win” type of game, that should make more sense.

Because neither of us really had a clue about what was happening, we (rather sensibly) picked scenario 1 out of the rulebook.  This is designed very much as an introduction to the game and restricts you to 3 different unit’s.  So we got all of the bits out we needed and set up the board.  One thing that I’d not realised until then is how well punched the card components (bunkers, objectives etc).  I normally have a complete anal moment and cut round the punch line so they come out without little snags everywhere – these popped out cleanly and easily without a mark.

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Rivet Wars: Eastern Front

Rivet Wars: Eastern FrontDespite numerous delays and problems, the first part of the Kickstarter I was backing arrived on Monday!  Rivet Wars: Eastern Front is a strategy board game and takes various concepts you’d find in a computer game and applies it to a miniature board game.

Overall the miniatures are really good, some of the assembly leaves a lot to be desired and the conversion from 3d-print to plastic miniature has resulted in details not being quite as crisp as I was expecting.  The actual game rules seem really straight forward and strangely I’m quite looking forward to playing a game at some point.

I’m working on an unboxing article which I’ll put up here when it’s finished.