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Wolfy Goodness

Well the eight Space Wolves I’ve been painting are progressing nicely despite not having much time over the past week, in fact last night was the first time I picked up a brush since Sunday.  As I was airbrushing on Friday I had this horrible feeling that I would get different results from Space Wolves Grey in comparison to the new Fenrisian Grey, so on Saturday I went into town and treated myself to three of the new Citadel paints including Fenrisian Grey and I was right in my feeling, Fenrisian Grey is more grey than Space Wolves Grey.  I also picked up Khorne Red (similar to Red Core but with less blue in it) and Mephiston Red (a true red but not as bright as blood red).

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New Citadel Paints

This weekend I spent quite a bit of time painting up the Chaos Lord miniature from the Dark Vengeance 40k boxed set.  This miniature is the first for quite a while that has actually “inspired” me to do some proper painting using a brush rather than an airbrush and fancy pigments.

For those modellers who have been living in a cave for the past six months, in March this year, Games Workshop withdrew their whole range of paints and replaced it with a range that consists of 145 completely different colours using a different formula paint.  A lot of people slated Games Workshop for daring to remove colours such as Skull White and Bleached Bone.

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