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Games Day 2013

Well the past month has once again flown past in a flurry of rather dull real life interferences.  It was however Games Day and Golden Demon 2013 on the 29th September and I spent the Friday evening and Saturday prior to the day rebuilding the base of the Contemptor Dreadnought I painted for last year along with pushing some highlights a bit further.  Once more the poor lighting and shelf placement of my entry hampered me and I came away with no finalist badge.  Although this was quite disappointing (I felt it was good enough to have at least hit the first cut), I am really happy with how the model came out and even more impressed with how quickly I turned round the base reworking, despite lots of swearing whilst gluing bits of stone to the base.  I’ve come to the conclusion that the judges are looking for “fantastical” rather than “realistic” paint jobs, so my subtle realistic painting just doesn’t lend itself to the competition. Continue reading