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Forge World Open Day 2016 – Event Round Up

Forge-World-Open-Day-2016-1-Huge-QueuesWith each event I attend of Games Workshops’ the quality and organisation continues to improve. It would appear that the events team have managed to shackle the unruly organisation beast and now making it sing to their tune. Myself and Penddraig arrived at Warhammer World for the Forge World Open Day around 9am and the queue had already reached the farthest corner of the car-park and then continued to stretch past the Sigmar logo on the side of the main office building. The queue started at 7am… It is staggering to see how popular this event has become over the past ten years.

As with most Games Workshop events, you need to speak to the staff and ask questions. If you don’t then your event will be pretty lack-lustre. It’s also important to remember that these people are as enthusiastic about the hobby as we are, but are also professionals – asking them sensible questions will get you a better answer than asking something stupid or childish, or criticising them for a decision. Continue reading