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Space Wolf Special Character Conversions

I’ve been giving a lot of thought recently to sorting out the characters that I need for my Space Wolf army.  Space Wolves are unique in that they can have two character’s for each HQ slot in the Force Organisation Chart – meaning a normal game can have up to 4 characters rather than the usual two.  This adds quite a bit of flexibility when you’re playing 1,500 point or larger games.  Part and parcel of this is that every single character needs to be unique – specifically on a wargear/equipment/power front, but to my mind they also need to be unique on a modelling front.  Sadly there are very few “generic” miniatures available for the Space Wolves – there is one generic Rune Priest and one generic Wolf Priest (although I do have the Games Day special Wolf Priest).

Thankfully the Space Wolf sprues do contain numerous components that can be used, but in my mind it’s quite difficult to disguise the fact that your character has been built from standard pieces without extensive modification with putty and similar.  The thing is, if I’m going to be doing that amount of work regardless, it makes sense to really go to town on customising them and using a base miniature that isn’t normal.

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A slight change of direction

I’ve been having a serious think about how to go about ‘labelling’ up my Space Wolf army and have decided to (sadly) take a change.  I really would like to do an army themed around Egil Iron Wolf’s Great Company, however the standard decal sheet doesn’t have his company symbol on it.  I could create my own decal sheet, but to be honest I’ve spent more than enough cash on my army already and would rather spend time assembling my army in preference to creating decal sheets on the computer.  The standard decal sheet gives a number of different company symbols for shoulder pads – you have “The Wolf that Stalks Between Star” (Great Wolf) – “Blackmane Wolf” (Ragnar’s company) – “Thunderwolf” (Bjorn Stormwolf) – “Deathwolf Moraki” (Erik Moraki’s company) – (Logan Grimnar’s company)

I don’t want to do Ragnar’s as to be honest it’s been done to death and is the GW standard army.  Logan Grimnar’s force would require dozens of Wolf Guard and finally Erik Moraki’s army should be stealthy and small – so hobson’s choice leaves Bjorn Stormwolf’s army.

The military actions of Bjorn Stormwolf’s Great Company are typified by noise, intimidation, and splendour.  Bjorn is a hairy, red-faced mountain of muscle to whom calm and introspection are foreign concepts.  He has taken the Thunderwolf as his symbol, for he too is a creature of might and ferocity over stealth.

Bjorn fills a silence with his booming voice ust as completely as he fills his ornate suit of Terminator armour.  He has been know to interrupt  Imperial dignitaries with a loud belch (or worse) if they begin to bore him.  Bjorn’s spectacular assaults reflect his impatient and aggressive nature, and invariably include lots of heavy weapons, bikes and Vindicators – essentially anything that makes a great deal of noise.  The Great Wolf always employs Bjorn for frontal assaults rather than stealth missions favoured by Erik Morkai, which the Stormwolf dismissively refers to as ‘whelp-work’

So with the exception of a large block of scouts my army isn’t too far off a suitable army.  The other thing that is nice is that I like is that it means that I can have a good bit of fun with converting Wolf Guard in terminator armour.  The conversion of Stormwolf himself should also be an exciting challenge as well.