Housework Seriously Impeeds

Yup, having to do housework is a pain as it really eats into time that it would be nice to do modelling and painting :s  Project wise, I have borrowed some Milliput off my brother and am well on the way to finishing filling and sculpting my Wraithlord, which I still hope to have done for Golden Demon this year.  I still have three months, although the next two really are going to be quite busy – I just need to give myself that kick to actually do some every evening, rather than “just” watching the telly.

My brother is currently looking into the collection side of a new 40k army as he’s purchased all of the miniatures he wants for his 1,000 point Daemon army.  I’ve a feeling he may increase it to 1,500 at some point, but is currently planning out a Dark Eldar army – not sure what points size currently, I would imagine 1,000 to begin with.  As with our usual method of collecting, I will also build up a counter army, but am torn between a few different directions.  The biggest restriction for me is money.  If I’m sensible, I should be able to spare enough money (£20 to £25) to purchase a single boxed set of miniatures every month.  I expect we’re looking at 12 to 18 months to collect our army in total, so if we say I’ll have between £240 and £300 to spend (plus miniatures purchased for presents) I’m really looking at one of the more “elite” armies that have few miniatures – i.e. Imperial Guard, Orks and ‘Nids are out!

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