Citadel Paint Range Comparison

The new Citadel paint range introduced over 100 new paints and new names.  They are new formula (using liquid pigments rather than solid) and intended to minimise the amount of mixing required.  Games Workshop released a colour match guide that if I’m honest is rubbish.  Some of the new paints are identical in colour to old ones but many are not.  To this end, I’m compiling a chart containing my own observations of the colours that are out.  As time goes on, I’ll fill more and more out.

New Paint Colour Similar to Identical to Notes
Abaddon Black (B) Chaos Black Slightly more black but poorer flowing.
Averland Sunset (B) Iyanden Darksun Much more yellow than Iyanden Darksun – almost a coleman’s mustard colour.
Balthasar Gold (B) Shining Gold Comes out (IMO) the same as a 50/50 mix of Shining Gold to Scorched Brown.
Bugmans Glow (B)
Caledor Sky (B)
Caliban Green (B)
Castellan Green (B)
Celestra Grey (B)
Ceramite White (B) Skull White
Daemonette Hide (B)
Death World Forest (B)
Dryad Bark (B)
Incubi Darkness (B) I believe this is the same colour as P3 Coal Black
Jokaero Orange (B)
Kantor Blue (B)
Khorne Red (B)  Scab Red
Leadbelcher (B) Boltgun Metal I believe this is the same colour as a 50/50 mix of Boltgun Metal and Chaos Black.
Magragge Blue (B)
Mechanicus Standard Grey (B)
Mephiston Red (B)
Mournfang Brown (B) Calthan Brown
Bestial Brown
Naggaroth Night (B) Midnight Blue
Rakarth Flesh (B)
Ratskin Flesh (B)
RhinoxHide (B)
The Fang (B) Shadow Grey Very similar but not quite the same
Administatum Grey (L) Fortress Grey Very very similar
Alaitoc Blue (L)
Altdorf Guard Blue (L)
Auric Armour Gold (L)
Balor Brown (L)  Bestial Brown
Baneblade Brown (L)
Bestigor Flesh (L)
Brass Scorpion (L)
Cadian Fleshtone (L)
Calgar Blue (L)
Dark Reaper (L)
Dawnstone (L) Codex Grey Very very similar
Deathclaw Brown (L)
Doombull Brown (L)
Elysian Green (L)
Emperor’s Children (L)
Eshin Grey (L)
Evil Sunz Scarlet (L)
Fenrisian Grey (L) Space Wolves Grey More grey and less baby blue than Space Wolves Grey
Fire Dragon Bright (L)
Flash Gitz Yellow (L)
Gehenna’s Gold (L)
Genestealer Purple (L)
Gorthor Brown (L)
Hashut Copper (L)
Hoeth Blue (L)
Ironbreaker (L) Basically Boltgun Metal with some Black added in.
Kabalite Green (L)
Karak Stone (L)
Kislev Flesh (L)
Loren Forest (L)  Liquid Green Stuff I’m being serious, the colour is almost identical to Liquid Green Stuff!
Lothern Blue (L)
Moot Green (L)
Nurgling Green (L)
Ogryn Camo (L)
Pallid Wych Flesh (L)
Pink Horror (L)
Runefang Steel (L)
Runelord Brass (L)
Russ Grey (L) Basically a 50/50 mix of Shadow Grey and Space Wolves grey.
Screaming Skull (L)
Skarsnik Green (L)
Skavenblight Dinge (L) Charadon Granite It’s not the same, but is close.
Skrag Brown (L)
Slaanesh Grey (L)
Sotek Green (L)
Squig Orange (L)
Stormvermin Fur (L)
Straken Green (L)
Sybarite Green (L)
Sycorax Bronze (L)
Tallarn Sand (L)
Tau Light Ochre (L)
Teclis Blue (L)
Temple Guard Blue (L)
Thunderhawk Blue (L)
Troll Slayer Orange (L)
Tuskgor Fur (L)
Ulthuan Grey (L)
Ungor Flesh (L)
Ushabit Bone (L)
Warboss Green (L)
Warpfiend Grey (L)
Warpstone Glow (L)
Warplock Bronze (L) Tin Bitz
Wazdakka Red (L)
White Scar (L)  Skull White
Wild Rider Red (L)
Xereus Purple (L)
Yriel Yellow (L)
Zamesi Desert (L)
 Charadon Mix 1 part Skavenblight Dirge, 1 part Stormvermin Fur, 1 part Dawnstone.  This mix apparently is identical to the old Charadon Granite. Cite

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