Rune Priest

Rune PriestWhat’s this?  A second post within a week!  OK, I’ll admit it’s me wanting to show off a little as I’m quite chuffed with the progress I’ve made on my Rune Priest conversion.  I say conversion loosely, it’s a 100% plastic offering but with a bit of modification.  The photo to the right shows the current state of him.  I’ve left the head and backpack off to paint separately as they’d be more awkward to do if I glued them on.  I’ve airbrushed an initial coat of German Panzer Grey on – I’ve decided to go for a dark grey rather than black so that the armour should naturally come out a fraction lighter, this is my main character after all!  The primer has shown up a slightly rough bit round the collar which I need to sort out

2014-11-09 21.36.01-1Here’s the “mock” before things got glued and I properly green-stuffed some more fur on to blend the shoulder pad in.  The chest piece is from a one of the really old Space Wolf sprues.  The back of the torso, staff and hand are Grey Knight pieces.  One shoulder pad and backpack is from Krom Dragongaze, with the arms from various current Space Wolf sprues.  Finally the MkIV legs come from the new tactical sprue, I’m likely only going to have one set in the army so thought I’d make them count 😉

Not Quite Two Months

Three TanksWell the last post wasn’t quite two months ago but not too far off. Life is roughly the same, I’m still working very long hours but managing to get a bit of painting done most evenings.  I’m continuing to focus on my Space Wolves and this has started to pay off (although it’s really tempting to dive into something else at times .  The two Space Wolf Packs have had their bases edged using plain black.  I did toy with doing them brown or grey but the black actually finishes off the miniature really nicely (I’ll talk about the black I used in a bit).

I’ve put the flyer to one side and focused instead on the three tanks (Rhino/Razorback, Predator and Vindicator).  The reason for this is two-fold.  The size of the Stormfang means that you have to sit at a table with it perched on a towel to paint some parts of it (it has an underneath that needs to be painted).  In the UK the daylight is really lacking this time of year and since the clocks changed for daylight savings, I get home after it’s gone dark. There is a significant amount of metallic that needs to be primed and painted which I was finding really time consuming.  The answer was actually staring me in the face – mask the bugger off and airbrush.  This is probably an evening’s worth of masking which you really need to be in the mood to do and then need to be able to do the airbrushing within a few days to make sure the masking tape doesn’t leave any residue behind so it’s going to need preparation.

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Another long gap

StormfangI can’t believe it was March when I last wrote a post.  You may recall that I was starting a new job and may also have guessed that this has been in some way related to the lack of posts – you’d be correct in that guess 🙂 I’m leaving home before 7am and not getting back until after 6.30pm, currently I’m working around 45 hours a week and in truth when I get home the last thing I want to be touching is a computer!  Unlike previous hiatuses however this lack of computer enthusiasm hasn’t rolled into the amount of time I’m spending painting and if anything I’m doing more as a way to unwind from the day.

Quite a few things have occurred between March and now, the most significant being that Games Workshop have released a new Space Wolves Codex and a handful of new releases including a fantastic flyer (technically two variants) and a less-fantastic (IMO) hover-chariot for Logan Grimnar.  The new codex is really nice and lots of options for making a very flavoursome Space Wolf army.

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Time for fake tan


Although getting up earlier doesn’t appear to be getting any easier, I am ploughing through my ‘Wolves at quite a rate. The pack markings have been done, all of the bone elements and trinkets, black on the weapons and all the metallics. I’ve base coated and washed all of the ‘rope’/thong type bits that are used to attach the trinkets to armour and just need to highlight them up. This morning I also managed to get every face basecoated Cadian Fleshtone (this includes some missing ones in the Blood Claws).

So, I have a leaving meal tomorrow evening which gives me this evening, tomorrow morning and some of Friday evening (providing I’ve not drunk too many Bangla’s at the Indian). I also theoretically have some of Saturday morning if I were to get up early, but I ideally want to have put a coat of varnish on by then and use that time for getting my army together (and sorting out the actual army list). It’s not masses of time in truth, however theoretically I only have the faces (all 17 of them) and rope bits before I can varnish. I think I might have a couple of ‘odd’ bits that I’ve missed too which I’ll try and sort out prior to this.

Plan of action in my head is to do the basic wash on the faces as soon as I get in. I can then have a my dinner whilst that dries. I can then go onto the various flesh layers (I tend to do about 3 or 4…). I’m hoping that I can get to the point where I only have the top highlight left which I can do tomorrow morning, along with the rope highlight. I’m hoping that my large wet palette and bottle of binder/retarder/flow mix will help me overcome some of the issues that you normally get when painting flesh – namely chalky and bitty paint.

I do think my goal is possible, but I’ve a feeling I’m going to overrun and need some of Friday evening – the faces are after all probably the critical focal point so rushing them isn’t something I’m going to even consider doing. In fairness providing I can apply the varnish around 8:30am on Saturday there will be enough time for it to be touch dry before I’m picked up at 9:30ish.

Of course, once Saturday is over I then need to go onto pin washes, decals and the bases 😀

The Wolves Progress

Been a little bit since I’ve posted because I’ve been struggling to get anything approaching a half decent photo because it always seems to be dark. Thankfully the mornings are getting light enough that I can take a few snaps before I go to work.

I’m changing jobs the end of the month which is going to need me to get up an hour earlier than I currently do, so I’m trying to get up earlier in an effort to ease me into what will become my new routine. This has meant that I’m getting in at least quarter an hour’s worth of painting before I go to work – definitely needed as I’m meant to have the majority of a 1,000 point army painted by the end of the month! One other thing that has helped is that I’ve managed to get a decent length of wood has meant I’ve managed to extend my desk space by over 100%. This means that I don’t have to try and juggle what I’m painting onto my painting station or keep clearing things away. It makes a massive amount of difference, I just need to wander into my little office and can sit down and start painting. Continue reading “The Wolves Progress”

Coming together

Rest of the Pack

Making a bit of progress on my Blood Claws on a day off after a really nice weekend away. Weapons have received their washes now so just a matter of a bit of drybrushing and then sorting out the black sections. They can then be put to one side until I get the pack of Grey Hunters to the same stage, so I can tackle the faces, hair and fur in one hit – oh and all of the bases 🙂

Although things are looking busy in the run up to Christmas, I’m thinking I should be on target to get this lot pretty much done by my break so I can start on the next couple of units – currently thinking the next unit of Grey Hunters and the Skyclaws. Tomorrow off and next Monday will help of course!

Drop Pod Update

For some unknown reason I’ve never published an update to my Drop Pod construction.  I clearly began to create a post but then had a moment of epic fail and didn’t put anything other than a collection of pictures together.

The drop pod is actually glued together now (the pics below don’t show the “engine” in place, but still needs it’s decals applied and weathering.  However my current intention is to wait until I’ve got a handful of vehicles all at this stage and do all of them at once.



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Ever Growing Pack

20130830-161842.jpgAlthough I still have my drop pod to glue together, on Wednesday my other half wanted some company whilst she did some bits on the PC so I did a bit of airbrushing.  I have now managed to base colour another block of Space Wolves, including the remaining 7 Blood Claws of the large pack I’ve been doing.  I’ve got a highlight layer to apply to a the Grey Hunters but this is now over 50% of my actual troops with colour on them 🙂  I’m actually getting to the point where I need to start painting Rhino’s soon.

I have annoyingly noticed that 3 of the 4 Long Fangs I’ve got assembled actually need some quite major filling and work on their backpacks (and in the case of one missile launcher a fur pelt sculpted), so I can’t get them base coated yet.  With luck I’ll find a bit of enthusiasm to sort them out – possibly assembling the two heavy bolters at the same time.










From the Skies

20130819-080001.jpgNot sure what happened but everything seems to have “come together” over the weekend.  I’ve done all of the edge highlighting (and pushed that further than I normally would) and got a coat of varnish on everything.  I spent a bit of time yesterday evening gently scraping the two pieces where the fins slot in so that the fins fit properly.  They were always a tight fit and the layers of paint and varnish had made some of them a little too snug, so rather than force them together a bit of work with a flat needle file and knife has meant that they’re all fit properly without any resistance. My biggest annoyance is that I didn’t shave off enough of the bottom of the doors, which has meant that when I put them in situ and closed them, they’ve now scraped off a little bit of paint on the base.  Bloody annoying, but I’ve now shaved those down too – just need to repaint that with some black.

I’ve only a handful of things left to do.  I need to apply decals and the door Aquilas (which need painting).  The gun mount needs to be varnished and glued in place.  The two weapons need to be sorted so they fit properly on their magnetic point, one is too tight and the other too loose (and then painted too).  Everything needs to be glued together and the non-metallics need start edge highlighting along with any oils applied along with shadow washes where things meet.  This then needs a light seal with varnish and a matt varnish applied.  Finally it needs stark edge highlights on the metallics so that they look “shiny”.

Getting Closer

Well the drop pod is almost at the point where I can begin to assemble it.  All of the blue has been airbrushed and just needs some edge highlighting with a brush.  The fins has have their red tips airbrushed and again just need a edge highlight.  Once the edge highlight has been done I intend to give everything a coat of satin varnish to seal it all in.  Red is a notorious colour as it remains absorbent if it’s been airbrushed on, so if you touch the surface you’ll end up with a finger print.  Whacking a coat of varnish over it is just enough to stop this happening and means that I can apply various weathering techniques and decals.

Outer side of the doors Doors open with harness Fins with red tips Doors closed

With the exception of managing to scuff one of the fins and get red paint on one bit, everything has gone pretty well and when I get round to putting another one together I’ll likely do things pretty much in the same order.  With luck I’ll get the edge highlighting done this evening and possibly the varnish too, which means it might even get glued together Thursday.  Drop pods are quite fiddly models to get lined up and glue together square, but they’re not hugely detailed and being able to have the various components as separate entities means the paint job is fairly straightforward.