Zone Mortalis

The beginning of this year, Forge World released a set of experimental rules called “Zone Mortalis”.  These rules can be used to simulate close quarter battles in places such as underground bunkers, underhives, mine works and space hulks.  Zone Mortalis games are intended to be played with lots of separating walls and such like and alter the way certain weapons work, for example blast weapons and template weapons can re-roll to wound rolls to represent shrapnel and scattering weapons detonate on walls rather than travelling the full distance.  There are also rules for deep space where some weapons become rending.

This makes games far more lethal and restricts the structure of your army – afterall what use is a Rhino when you can only get it down a single corridor?  It also allows you to utilise the Forge World boarding weapon upgrades which are intended for this type of fight.

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Review – The Masters Brush Cleaner and Preserver

There comes a time in a paint brush’s life where your tip just isn’t pointed any more, your bristles splay like a cat’s whiskers and you’ve got more paint in your ferrule than on the palette.

It’s times like this where your owner will have to make a serious decision

  • try and rescue the brush by soaking it and washing it with the hope it doesn’t become knackered bey0nd use
  • resign it to glue or drybrushing duty
  • throw it in the bin.

For most people the hassle of trying to clean a brush isn’t worth it, however as more and more people are using better quality sable brushes there is understandably a reluctance to just retire it from normal service, especially as a good quality Kolinsky Sable brush will cost anything from £5 up to £15.

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Wolfy Goodness

Well the eight Space Wolves I’ve been painting are progressing nicely despite not having much time over the past week, in fact last night was the first time I picked up a brush since Sunday.  As I was airbrushing on Friday I had this horrible feeling that I would get different results from Space Wolves Grey in comparison to the new Fenrisian Grey, so on Saturday I went into town and treated myself to three of the new Citadel paints including Fenrisian Grey and I was right in my feeling, Fenrisian Grey is more grey than Space Wolves Grey.  I also picked up Khorne Red (similar to Red Core but with less blue in it) and Mephiston Red (a true red but not as bright as blood red).

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New Space Marine Rumours

I’ve just been reading quite an interesting post on Bell of Lost Souls.  It would appear that there is a fairly solid rumour abound that Games Workshop are revamping a large portion of their Space Marine plastic miniatures.  This includes brand new Tactical and Assault squads.  These are seriously overdue in fairness as the quality of the plastics has deteriorated over time as the mold has worn out and the tactical missile launcher has always had serious molding issues with the shoulder pad.

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The Great Space Wolves Project

Those of you who know me from here or CMoN will know that I’m a bit of a Space Wolves nut.  It was the first army that I came across in 40k (back in the late 80’s) and I’ve been collecting an army on and off ever since.  When the 5th edition Codex came out and Games Workshop released the (brilliant) new Space Wolf plastic miniatures, I shelved everything I had previously collected and began again pretty much from scratch.

I’ve collected myself quite a formidable army now – around 3000 points at a guess, though at present despite having the models for 3+ years I’ve yet to get a squad painted up fully.  Some of them have been assembled and have been given an airbrush of base colour, some are just assembled and some are half done and others are still in the box.  It’s my hope to be able to play a Horus Heresy doubles tournament next year with a friend so I need to crack on and learn the 6th edition rules which means having a painted army of some kind.

I surprised myself with the speed I painted some of the bits for my Golden Demon entry and had a small epiphany when I used the new Citadel Paint range the other day as the increased colour range means you don’t need to mix intermediate stages which results in much quicker and more fluid painting sessions.  I’m not sure what has changed either but I seem to have accepted that I can’t do monumentally amazing paint jobs on every single miniature.  To a certain extent I need to turn around five marines in a week or so.  That’s not to say that I’ll accept a sub standard paint job, more that I’m setting my sights on a consistent and well painted tabletop standard army.

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Future Projects

This weekend I was away visiting friends and spent quite a bit of time discussing the new Horus Heresy campaign that Forge World are producing and how we both intend to collect a Legion – Death Guard for me and Sons of Horus for him.  The end result is that we’re going to try and get around 500 points of army up by early next year, depending upon funds.  We’ll likely be purchasing a unit every month or two, the high points cost should mean that the HQ and 2 Troops choices will make up that 500 points.  Our secondary goal will be to go up to around 1000 points next year.  However we both think that there will likely be a Doubles tournament next year at Warhammer World, so have decided that we both fancy playing at that.  If it follows the normal 40k set up we’ll need 750 points each for that.  Paint wise we’re both going to aim for tabletop standard with regular bases (i.e. just sand on the base) so overall it won’t be a horrific project.  I’ll likely use weathering powders and oil washes on mine to make them quite grimy and dirty.

I’ve also decided that I want to crack on with my Space Wolves army.  The introduction of the new paints means that pretty much every element of painting can be vastly simplified and I can pretty much eliminate the need to mix paints.  This actually makes life so much easier and I’m hoping that I can turn around a five-man squad within a week – especially with airbrushing the armour colours on.

In order to allow me to start to do my Space Wolves I also need to get the Chaos Lord and potentially the Dark Vengeance models done.  I may actually do a mix of Space Wolves and Dark Vengeance as that will give me my painting/modelling split that I try and do in order to provide some variety.

Dark Vengeance Chaos Lord WIP

Last night was very productive but not on a modelling front.  I got home late as I loitered around due to an un-forecast rain deluge and grabbed some meatballs and minced beef.  When I got home I did the washing up, cooked tea and prepared a chilli con carne in the slow cooker for dinner this evening (just add rice ; )  Scarily once we’d eaten it was gone half nine and I had to help the other half dye her hair so I didn’t pick up a brush until well past eleven.

I did make a start on some of the demon faces on the armour which I think are going to look quite reasonable.  I also took a much better photo of my Chaos Lord this morning (see left).

I hit a point last night where I was struggling to concentrate on what I was painting – black is a notoriously draining colour to paint onto, especially at night, so I began to snip off the  miniatures on one of the three sprues I have for Dark Vengeance.  To this end I’ve also done a Review on the Dark Vengeance Boxed Set.



Review – Dark Vengeance Boxed Set

September saw the official release of the Warhammer 40k 6th Edition Rules starter set.  This set called “Dark Vengeance” comes in the usual sized box that we’re all used to from Games Workshop.  There was a limited edition variant produced that included a limited edition plastic miniature.

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Chaos Lord WIP

The Dark Vengeance boxed set contains some of the nicest Chaos miniatures that Games Workshop have produced (at least in my opinion).  The Chaos Chosen and Lord are ‘spiky’ but hold true to their original Space Marine form and the spikes are more ‘warped’ than just poked on decorations.  The poses also make them appear larger and more experienced (they are 10,000 years old after all).  The twenty cultists are also very nice miniatures although there is a certain amount of repetition.

Games Workshop has also released a new Chaos Champion (in plastic) that is identical in style and a plastic box set of Raptors/Warp Talons that fit into this new style.  I’m looking forward to seeing what else is in the pipeline (if anything!)

The Chaos Lord is the first miniature in a very long time that I’ve actually been inspired to get hold of and paint in a traditional sense and I bought one online for £5.  Not long after I received him a friend also offered me the whole Chaos side from the boxed set as he had no interest in them.  To this end I used my miniature to get back into the swing and experiment with the new paints.

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New Citadel Paints

This weekend I spent quite a bit of time painting up the Chaos Lord miniature from the Dark Vengeance 40k boxed set.  This miniature is the first for quite a while that has actually “inspired” me to do some proper painting using a brush rather than an airbrush and fancy pigments.

For those modellers who have been living in a cave for the past six months, in March this year, Games Workshop withdrew their whole range of paints and replaced it with a range that consists of 145 completely different colours using a different formula paint.  A lot of people slated Games Workshop for daring to remove colours such as Skull White and Bleached Bone.

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