Base and Legs

I have very nearly finished the leg assembly.  The picture in the last post was taken just after I added in a piece of brass guitar wire (which seemed to take ages to bend to the right shape).  The 60mm bases I ordered from GW arrived so I was able to cut the cork to the wolf shape I wanted and glue it in place with PVA.  I need to fill the edges with polyfiller or similar, but the actual effect is pretty good.  This meant that I was able to glue the pins and the left leg in place, which after checking this morning has set solid.  I have to clean up any mess made by glue (which generally can’t be avoided), then add two pieces of guitar wire and fix the ball joint that joins the legs to the torso.  I need to drill a hole and attach a pin for the purpose of painting, but that’s it.

Running Totals: Time – ~ 36 Hrs; Cost – £38.92

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Knee Update

So I managed to get the right knee join pinned, glued and filled last night.  I used pure Green Stuff for the fill, as it’s more suited for the kind of gap that was created.  Also the trick of using a Milliput and Green Stuff mixture is that you sand it to get a perfect finish, where as Green Stuff settles slightly as it sets.  Due to the location it would have been difficult to sand, so careful Green Stuff’ing made best sense.  Super gluing the pin was a work of art in itself as it just didn’t want to stick – plus my mates superglue was crap, far too thick and uncontrollable even with a brush.  However I persevered and the end result appeared to be OK last night.

I ordered a pillar drill stand yesterday for my dremel (which was dispatched today).  Extravagant I know, but I think its actually worth it in the long run.  Plus I can use it when I eventually get round to creating a Knight Panther.

I have also taken the plunge and ordered a ForgeWorld Dreadnought.  I’m going to cast up copies of the head and powerplant and as such will still have a complete model to paint.  I can choose to sell this, keep it or do whatever I please.  I’ll use the original ones for this Dreadnought however!

Running Totals: Time – ~ 33 Hrs; Cost – £38.92

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Managed to get the left leg cut off the pelvis and all of the rods that form the new hip cut and drilled.  These provide a lot more flexibility for the whole model’s pose in comparison to the solid joints that it comes with.  I’ve not glued the leg on yet as there is a tiny bit of filling that needs to be done first, though nowhere near the amount needed on the other leg (where the saw went wobbly and I lost some of the hip).  I think that I need to give some consideration over the base next before I can finish off the legs, as I also need to ensure that the pose is correct before glueing the left leg in place.  Just playing I’ve realised that I run the risk of having the feet angled strangely – basically from a technical point of view, they would only have a few degrees of play before the pistons on the calf adjust.  Any angle too great and the legs look like I’ve not actually posed them correctly

Running Totals: Time – ~ 30 Hrs; Cost – £38.92

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Lots of progress!

Due to it being a weekend, I’ve actually made quite a bit of progress.  I’m still not 100% sure about getting it all ready for this weekend yet, as there is still a bucket load of stuff left to do.  The photo to the left I’ve just taken and shows the knee joint pretty much posed and finished.  The hip joint is also the correct size, although I need to fit the two pieces of plastic rod for this to be 100% done.  The other leg also needs to be cut off, but I’m currently thinking that I’ll get the right leg glued, filled and finished before I start on that.  I need to get hold of a Chaos Space Marine or some other creature to go under the right foot – which also needs it’s toes repositioned.

Running Totals: Time – ~ 27 Hrs; Cost – £38.92

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